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Screeners and checklists are no substitute for talking to some who has experience of learning differences and specific learning difficulties and disabilities, but ...

If you answer yes to more than 3 of the questions below we suggest you contact an expert.

We are always happy to have a free phone or email consultation.

Often we look for a quick answer, but if you feel something isn't quite right then you probably are correct and should seek support and advice.

​Got a feeling something is getting in the way of learning? 

“Banish barriers. Learning is limitless!”


Do you skip lines or miss words when reading?

Is reading hard work? Do other seem to read more quickly than you?

Do text/words move or distort on the page as you read?

Do you find white paper "glaring" or are some colours difficult to read?

Do you find you make mistakes like missing out little words or adding/changing words as your read?

Do you find it hard to read new or longer words?

Do you find spelling difficult? 

Can you spell words one day and then forget on another?

Do you get letters/numbers the wrong way around or which letter/s make some sounds?

Do you find writing hard and/or frustrating?

Do you struggle with spelling/grammar/punctuation?

Is your handwriting difficult to read?

Do you know the answer to questions, but have trouble writing down your thoughts and ideas?

Do you feel you should be making better progress in your learning, but can't work out why?

Do you have trouble with your memory? 

Do you find following instructions/directions difficult?

​Do you mix up left and right?

Do you find doing things in order or alphabetically hard?

Is maths hard? For example understanding time, money or times tables.

Do you have difficulty with organisation, time management or concentration?

Do you try really hard, but those around you, like teachers, think you haven't done your best?